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2016 07 11


castrolSince 1968 Carpemar is a provider of the Energy industry


  • The 3rd generation entered the company and decided to start a new line with self-developed and self-produced articles: antifreeze and heat transfer liquids. In the same year, their distribution starts, too.


  • Blue Sun® antifreeze based on propylene glycols receives homologation certified by INTA (Spanish Defence Ministry) being the first antifreeze of its type in getting this approval.
  • The Spanish IDAE (Institute for Energy diversification and saving, Spanish Industry Ministry) published Carpemar for the first time in its list of solar energy providers.


  • Alstom Wind Energy homologated two products Blue Sun® (Propylene Glycol based) and Luzar Orgánico (Monoethylene glycol based) for their equipment on and off-shore.


  • First International sale was achieved, hence the beginning of a successful new markets development.
  • Collaboration Agreement with two research groups of the University of Zaragoza for the development and improvement of new and actual products.


  • Carpemar decided to intensify activities for international market development
  • The ICEX, an agency of the Spanish Economy Ministry dedicated to support companies in their international business, decided to include Carpemar in their programme  ICEX NEXT.
  • Propylene Glycol Coolant gets NSF HT1 Homologation for its use in incidental food contact. At this moment, Carpemar is the only company in Spain with this homologation for an Antifreeze.


  • Nowadays, 17 self-developed products are being provided to 6 different sectors in more than 20 countries worldwide.