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2016 07 11

Quality & Environment


The product quality of Carpemar is reflected in the successful certifications. In 2009, for our basic propylene glycol based anti-freeze protection Blue Sun it has been achieved the certification according to the standards ASTM 3306 and AA-52624A, in the well regarded INTA. Hence, we were the first producer that was awarded such certification of propylene glycol based anti-freeze protection according to these standards in the INTA laboratory.
In the year 2008 Carpemar could also certify the standard ISO 9001:2000. In 2019 it is assessed and certified again the standard ISO 9001:2015. It is our objective to improve the communication with our clients and to constantly control and meet the high quality standard level that we require to ourselves. At the moment we are introducing the standard ISO 14.000, previously to the next certification.


Two important goals of Carpemar are the environmental protection and the sustainability. In this sense, by the selection of both supplied materials and suppliers, we always develop our products in order to generate the least environmental impact. We neither use products that could harm the staff or the end customer.

Quality, Environment, Health and Safety Policy Statement

Certificate ISO 9001:2015

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