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2016 07 11


The creation of the here presented products is the result of years of research of our Technical Department for the development of a range of specific products for every type of systems. All of our products are self-developped.

The specific formulation developped by Carpemar assures the perfect state for long periods of time. Hence, problems such as deposits and blockage of the heat transfer liquid are avoided, or a premature degradation.
Our products widely fulfill the actual national and European regulations of every field of application, as we count on non toxic and biodegradable products. Therefore, with us you count on a safe handling through the implied worker and for the environment, too.
Our spirit is to adapt us to your necessities, being able to manufacture personalised products with your label, canister, etc., always meeting with our demanding quality standards. Therefore we offer you to obtain our products as house mark.
We are also open for you to develop together with us a different product, with a personalised formulation, in agreement with your suggestions and necessities.