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2016 07 11

Technical Service


tubo1It's very important for us to put our techical capacity as well as our R&D activities into a service for our clients.

In that way we maintain a direct and personal relation, which turns into a superior quality of our products, either existing or future ones.




Technical Service

We have a complete laboratory at our disposal, for analysing heat transfer fluids. Such analysis is part of the preventing maintenance of installations. It's an additional service for our clients that is always at our clients' disposal for resolving doubts about the liquid's condition. Our Technical Department is always ready to answer questions of all kind.



Carpemar is strongly committed to research, development and innovation. Therefore are generated new products, that are developed for example by a customer's wish or a as an initiative of our own R&D department. Such innovations allow us to anticipate the demands of the market.

The company strengthened the R&D commitment by signing agreements with universities, foundations and public institutions for the development and validation of new products